Our ministry has a single purpose — To assemble hand crafted music boxes which we in turn give away to families and individuals who have suffered or are suffering a loss, disability, terminal illness or other personal or family crisis.  The purpose of the gift is to encourage, and provide peace and soothing music that speaks to the soul.




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What a story! The birth of a ministry. 

Each ministry has a story and the Music Box Angels ministry has a story, too. It began with a group of seven women who decided to have some fun and share craft ideas. It was during the Christmas season, such a happy time for many, but quite the opposite for others.  At the time a physically challenged friend was hoping to decorate her house for Christmas when she realized that her decorations were missing from a cross country move. We asked her husband if we could help. He agreed and while he took her out to lunch, we descended into the house. We trimmed the tree and hung a wreath on the front door, hung garlands of ribbon on windows and doors. A tiny creche was set up on the coffee table, a red table runner was laid on the dining room table with a holly filled sleigh. As a final touch we placed a red cloth on the kitchen table along with a plate of cookies.

From that initial opportunity to bless this dear friend we launched our first craft project, an origami Christmas box. We folded and laughed and shared as we completed beautiful boxes filled with Christmas angel cookies and candy.  We began delivering boxes to people confined to their home and anyone who needed an Angel Blessing. We chuckle as we recall our name “Christmas Angels.” We even have the red shirts with the name in glitter to prove it!

Soon after, one sleepless night Faye was awakened. She knew that sleep was not in the plan for her so she got up, went to her computer and really without any preconceived plan sat down to write. Faye confesses that she isn’t a poet, but the words seemed to flow effortlessly into her mind, and she wrote;

What can I say that can brighten your day? Turn the key and let it play. Sounds like whispers from above Maybe the wings of God’s own dove?A song of love to let you know that God is with you here below. Sing along and be blessed, One lyric at a time.

Faye didn’t know exactly what it all meant. But, it was Tuesday, the day for the 7 lovely women to work on their beautiful origami boxes and she knew she had to share the poem. The words seemed to ignite the spirit of the group. One woman shared an idea to cut the size of the boxes down to music box size. And before long, the beautifully decorated boxes were alive with music. Mass production began, well as fast as seven women can bend and fold. Forty music boxes were delivered on Valentine’s day. The smiles on the faces of these dear ones when they wound the box and let it play is simply indescribable. Since our initial delivery date we are growing exponentially, serving with God’s love, and desiring many “angels” to join us.

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